Christmas Eve, Christmas and Boxing Day.
We hope you have spent them with your families, with friends, with all those you love.
We like to think that they were sunny days, bright, suspended in that atmosphere that is typical only of Christmas, and that every year is renewed, magically, making us return a little children, pulling out a warmth that we cherish at the bottom of the soul to all the rest of the year, and of which we too often forget.

About one thing we’re pretty sure: some more, some less, all of us during the Holidays we give in with the food! The conviviality is also made of this, and then there are all the typical recipes to rediscover, the countless occasions to exchange a toast, better if made more substantial by a slice of panettone or a plate of carbonade!

We are very, very lucky here.

It is true that during the Holidays we did not miss anything, also because, for those who do not know, the Aosta Valley cuisine is good all year round, but at Christmas our ladies exceed themselves! Of course, the raw material helps. Our beautiful valley is full of typical products so good that you are spoiled for choice. Our famous salamis and cheeses are already enough to offer you a king starter: the Arnad lard, served with slices of polenta, or with the toasted rye bread, the chamois motet, the goat tomini, and of course our famous fontina DOP. And then? For the meat there are countless traditional recipes based on game, such as roe deer marinated in red wine and aromas, or carbonade, based on beef meat, marinated in aromatic herbs, floured, cooked with wine and onions. On the table of Christmas you can not miss the desserts, from the Mont Blanc, to the Biancomangiare with raspberries prepared with fresh grazing milk.




In short, we enjoyed it, but our luck does not stop at all the delicacies that we could enjoy with our family. We also have the opportunity to dispose of everything we ate during the holidays, and even in this case you are spoiled for choice.

There is skiing, of course, on the beautiful slopes of Chamois and Torgnon, or those of Valtournenche, or Breuil-Cervinia. For all tastes, for all levels, with lifts always active, shuttle service that guarantee the possibility of reaching each location comfortably. Sport and fun for adults and children, for those who love skiing, snowboarding or even sledging!
By the way, since this year Antey has also got its cross-country ski ring. There are no more excuses to laze!





And then the walks, along the snow-covered paths, through the woods of ancient and soaring evergreens. Our beautiful Valley is a jewel set in the Winter white heart, like the treasure of a Snow Queen. Caves that seem to come out of a fairy tale, castles wrapped in a timeless atmosphere. The frozen lakes, then, are a wonderful sight, believe us!

Did we give you a bit of envy in your heart? It was not our intention! On the contrary, we do not ask for anything better than to share with you all the beauties and delights of our beautiful Valley.

Visit us (and do a bit of movement after Holydays binges…) !!

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