Maybe it’s a little early to remind you, but like every year on January 30th and 31st (but it will start already on Saturday 27th) the traditional Sant’Orso Fair will take place in Aosta. It is the most important fair in the Aosta Valley and probably also one of the oldest in Italy. In fact, the first Sant’Orso Fair took place even in the year 1000!

It is said that at that time the square in front of the Church that was later dedicated to him, Sant’Orso distributed to the poor clothes and shoes, especially the famous Sabot, which became one of the Fair symbols, together with the Galletto, Friendship Cup, the Grolla and “Tata”, traditional wooden toys depicting funny animals on wheels, and which also give the name to our structure. This is also why at Maison du Tatà we love this fair and we will not fail to offer you special hospitality on this occasion!

At the moment for the weekend of January 27th and for the days of the Fair, our two studios are free. Hurry up and contact us!

Originally the Sant’Orso Fair was a country fair, in which work tools and utensils were bought and sold, but over the centuries it has expanded more, attracting all kinds of exhibitors and vendors. Today it has become a veritable celebration of Aosta Valley craftsmanship in all its surprising variations, an opportunity awaited all year long by all kinds of artisans to present their most beautiful works.

Sculptures in wood and soapstone, wrought iron and copper objects, ceramics and glass vases and furnishings, traditional fabrics and lace. Aosta city center becomes a large open-air window, where the Aosta Valley artisans occupy the entire area from the Augustus  Arch to Piazza della Repubblica, but also all the smaller streets are filled with stalls and stands.

Also, the Enterprises Atelier and the food and wine Pavilion, in Chanoux Square, in the heart of the historical center, and in the nearby Plouves square, respectively offer 88 artisans exhibition presenting garments made with traditional fabrics, sculptures, furniture, doors and windows, furnishing accessories, curiosities, and the stands of 77 food and wine companies that offer typical products and Aosta Valley specialties, as cheeses, cured meats, desserts, wine and liqueur. Visitors can enjoy delicious tastings and buy the products.

There will also be music and folklore, with the traditional Veillà, the vigil that in the night between 30 and 31 January will keep awake the Aosta city center with choirs, concerts and folk groups shows. Inside the “crotte”, the cellars open for the occasion, there will be live music, salami tastings, and the possibility to warm up with broth and mulled wine.

Here it is the complete program of the Fair, from Official Site

27 January
Hour 10: Atelier and food and wine Pavillon open

27/31 January
Opening hours at the Atelier and Pavilion
January 27th: from 10 am to 9 pm
January 28/29: from 10 am to 7 pm
January 30th: from 8 am to 9 pm
January 31st: from 8 am to 7 pm

27 e 28 January
Hours 17 and 21: Traveling tactile concert for body and mind at the Criptoportico forense in Aosta

29 January
9 pm: concert of the Coro di Sant’Orso at the Church of Sant’Orso di Aosta

30 January
from dawn to evening: fair, touring exhibitions of folk groups and live demonstrations
2 pm-6 pm: Veillà di Petchou (vigil of the little ones) at the Cittadella dei Giovani
6 pm: mass dedicated to the artisans at the Sant’Orso Church
about 7 pm: official award ceremony in Piazza Sant’Orso
from 7 pm until late at night: Veillà

31 January
from dawn to evening: fair, touring exhibitions of folk groups and live demonstrations
9 pm: Final closing show “Les Alpes en Musique” by the Trouveur Valdotèn at the Splendor Theatre in Aosta

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