Through a massage one can experience a state of deep relaxation and psychophysical well-being.

A body, when stiff and blocked, together with a mind under a constant tension, do not allow to the person to reach the optimal psychophysical well-being which should be the goal of everyone.

So we have massage and its many faces; it works on the muscles and on the circulatory system and at the same time  makes the most of the oriental thinking about energy and the exchange of this between who operates and who receives the massage.

For all Maison du Tatà guests  10% off on any treatment. Massages, except hot stone, can be booked also in your apartment without any price increase

The Massage centre is located inside our building

This service can be booked in your apartment too, at the disired hours.

Types of Massages available and their costs

Special discount will be applied to those who book our apartments


Download our free brochure that will tell you all about the types of massages offered by Maison du Tatà

CIRCULATORY MASSAGE  (50 / 60 minutes) € 40,00
The Circulatory Massage is an overall treatment that engages the whole body and also the mind. It reactivates the blood circulation and the metabolism, soothes the muscle and emotive strain, giving a feeling of general wellness.

ANTISTRESS MASSAGE (50 / 60 minutes) € 40,00
Extended, fully-picking movements alternating to light manipulation unwind and harmonize the muscles in those areas in which stress and strain tend to gather more easily.

SPORT MASSAGE (50 / 60 minutes) € 40,00
A particular sort of massage which is fundamental to those who practise a sport activitity. It help relaxing the muscles, regenerates and makes the tissues breathe, improving and shortening an eventual injury time.

SCENTED MASSAGE (50 / 60 minutes) € 40,00
Sweet movements together with the scent of essential oils, through breathing, sense of smell and skin have an healthy effect on body and mind.

MASSAGE AGAINST CONTRACTURES (50 / 60 minutes) € 40,00  
Deep manipulation and localized finger pressure help reducing muscle contractures due to sporting ctivities or working strain, giving back flexibility to the tissues

SCULPTING/ANTI CELLULITE MASSAGE (50 / 60 minutes) € 40,00
This massage purifies the skin and the sub-cutaneous tissue, , smoothes the cellulite beauty-problems, firms up skin and models those body part that, for hormonal or alimentary reasons, tend to loose flexibility and tone.

HOT STONE MASSAGE (75 / 90 minuti) € 60,00
The use of hot volcanic stones – which stifles heat, releasing it slowly during the treatment – together with relaxing manipulation, gives a psychophysical well-being and smoothes the skin.

AROMATHERAPIC -MASSAGE (50 / 60 minutes) € 40,00
The method here is taken from aromatherapy which uses plant essences to help maintain or find again health, and it consists in massages on the body with diluted essences, using especially the reflexing areas with an healing and/or beautifying effect

LYMPH DRAINAGE (50 / 60 minutes) € 40,00  
Recommended in the event of water retention, swollen and heavy legs, it help reducing thye lymph stasis.

FACE MASSAGE (30 minutes) € 20,00
Caresses that relax and manipulation that gives the skin more clarity and a much more relaxed look.

PLANTAR MASSAGE (30 minutes) € 20,00
Finger pressure on the feet plants – based on ancient tradition in which our feet plants mirror all the organs and body parts – helps prevent and unwind many problems localized in other areas of the body

ENERGETIC HARMONIZATION (30 minutes) € 20,00
Applying stones and crystals on the seven chakras help balancing the energetic body and find the centre of the body-mind-soul system.

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